Regain control of your business with the three essential tools

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Feeling out of control of your business? Talk to us about the three essential tools every business needs and get back in control. There are no magic bullets, just tools, processes, and accountability to ensure you achieve your goals!

Take control

Business owners often feel like they're not in control of their business. The number of hours they're working starts creeping up, they start experiencing more stress, and it starts affecting their personal life.

So, how do you regain that much needed control? How do we gain more financial, time and mind freedom?

There are three essential tools all businesses must have:

  1. An annual Business Plan.
  2. An annual forecast.
  3. Ongoing reporting and accountability.

The annual Business Plan

Your Business Plan shouldn’t be a lengthy document living in a drawer. It should be on one page and displayed somewhere highly visible so you can review it regularly.

Best developed using an independent facilitator, such as ilumin, your Business Plan should articulate exactly what you want from your business; the hours you want to work, the holidays you want to take, and the income you need.

You’ll identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor, vulnerabilities to manage, and opportunities to act upon. You’ll set four key goals for the year, breaking these down into quarterly goals with clear actions to complete in order to achieve them.

The annual forecast

Your forecast will record how cash must flow throughout the year to give you what you want from your business. Too often business owners only create a forecast because the bank has requested one.

The forecast highlights your business's weaknesses, when cashflow problems might arise, and how you need to manage your business financially to achieve the goals in your Business Plan. Don’t wait for your bank to request a forecast; it’s an essential tool to ensure the success of your business every year.

Ongoing reporting and accountability

The value lies in implementing your Business Plan and annual forecast. Constantly reviewing your progress against your targets is crucial. Ongoing reporting allows you to track actual results against your forecast to ensure progress towards your goals.

The best way to ensure you don’t fail to implement the plan is to be held accountable by someone independent. Every business owner needs a coach and ilumin can help with this. A great coach will work with you to get a result better than you could achieve on your own. They’ll uncover the root causes of problems in your business and empower you to improve. Most importantly, they’ll hold you accountable for getting the important stuff done.

There are no magic bullets to business success. All businesses need these three tools.

Get in touch to discuss how we can work together - to help you gain control of your business and ensure your business delivers on your vision.

“Dreams x Goals x Plans x Actions = Your success.” - Brad Sugars (Founder and CEO of ActionCOACH)