Top tips for the company Christmas Party

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The company Christmas party doesn’t have to be a massive bash or a boring, box-ticking exercise. This article has lots of tips to ensure the Christmas party is fun as well as healthy and respectful.

Avoid becoming a legend for the wrong reasons

Company Christmas parties are things of legend. Everyone knows the stories about employees that took the opportunity to let their hair down just a little too far.

These days, most businesses understand that letting staff cut loose at the Christmas bash poses potential health & safety and even legal risks, but that doesn’t mean the party has to be a boring, box-ticking exercise.

Parties are a chance to celebrate success and show employees how much you appreciate their efforts over the year, which in turn helps keep everyone motivated and improves staff retention.

How about a different kind of Christmas party?

Let’s be honest, Christmas parties are not the issue. Alcohol is the issue and the way some people behave when they drink too much.

So, here's a totally crazy idea – why not do something that doesn't focus solely on alcohol?

There are plenty of activities that don't revolve around drinking. Try go-cart racing, clay pigeon shooting, white-water rafting, master chef style cook-offs, or a child-friendly BBQ at a local park with games, music, face painting etc.

You could redirect the party budget to buying your people a small Xmas gift and then host a morning tea or lunch with secret Santa on your last day of work. Give people the afternoon off.

Plan ahead

If you cannot possibly fathom the idea of a Christmas party without booze, here are some tips:

  1. Make sure a few of your team remain sober… no, not just the boss or HR folks!
  2. Have plenty of food and structure the event around the food, so it gets eaten.
  3. Have plenty of tasty non-alcoholic options - there are heaps on the market these days.
  4. Don't push drinks and respect people's decision not to drink.
  5. Organise transport – if the company is putting on alcohol then you have an obligation to ensure everyone's safety, which includes getting people home safely.
  6. Don’t go overboard with the quantities of liquor and remember it’s against the law to serve alcohol to drunk people.
  7. Have a clear finish time, so it doesn’t drag into the night… or the next morning.

Trust that most people (the vast majority, in fact) are mature and restrained enough to know how to have a good time without taking the expression 'the silly season' too literally.

Remember, if you plan and communicate well, the Christmas party will be a time for you and your team to celebrate together in a relaxed setting. The team at ilumin hope you take some time to celebrate with your team and/or like-minded business owners, suppliers, networking groups and customers.