Tricky tax questions at Christmas time

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Too many things on your to-do list before Christmas? Take a minute to think about whether your plans for the festive season have covered the tax implications. Ask us about what your tax implications are in the lead-up to Christmas.

Know what your tax obligations are

No matter how well you’ve planned in advance of the Christmas flurry, or whether you’re still taking care of last-minute items, be aware of what you can claim tax deductions for, or where you might be liable for tax. 

Quick quiz

Can you answer questions like:

  • Is our Christmas work party tax deductible?
  • Does it matter whether it is held on business premises?
  • How about hiring items for a Christmas party?
  • If I take my clients or staff out for Christmas lunch, is it tax deductible?
  • Are my gifts to staff and clients tax deductible?
  • My staff can’t use public transport due to public holiday schedules. Is a transport allowance for them tax deductible?
  • Will I need to deduct PAYE from the allowances paid?

And the answers are...

Click here for answers to the questions above.

And call us if you have tax questions in the lead-up to Christmas, we are open until Friday 22 December.